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Even if you already have a YouTube channel, the steps in this guide are required to make sure you can Livestream. This will take some time to complete but you only have to do it once! 

To set up your first exclusive YouTube Live Event, we’ll guide you through the following: 

Important: If you don’t yet have a YouTube channel click here: Create a Youtube channel. Please note that you’ll need a Google account in order to set up a YouTube channel. 


Verify your YouTube account and activate for Live Events

  1. To activate your YouTube channel for Live Events, log in to your YouTube account 
  2. Open the camera plus sign icon, and select “Go Live”.
  3. To verify your YouTube channel, select whether you’d like to receive a one-time text or phone call and enter your phone number 
  4. Enter the code that you receive in the textbox 
  5. You’ll need to wait 24 hours for your YouTube channel to be activated for Live Events. Once your account has been activated, you’re all set to have your first Livestream!

Create a Live Event on YouTube

Follow the steps below to create a Live Event in YouTube Studio:

  1. While logged in to your YouTube account, select the Create icon in the upper right and select “Go Live.” Ensure you’re on the WEBCAM option
  2. Give your Live Event a title, and select the date that you’ll go live. You’ll also want to select the option to keep your Live Event unlisted so that it isn’t listed on YouTube
    You’ll find the option to say whether your Livestream is for kids or not. You can also set an age restriction for your video. Learn more about how to Age restrict your video
  3. Select Next! YouTube will ask you to take a picture for your thumbnail. Don’t worry – you can upload a different image after you’ve created your Live Event
  4. Select the Share option, and copy the link that shows up. This is the link you’ll use for your Livestream post on Patreon

Posting your Livestream link to Patreon

  1. While logged in to your creator account Patreon account, click on the Create button from the left-hand side
  2. Click the Livestream button
  3. Select the option to Use YouTube Live
  4. Enter your YouTube Live link in the field provided. You’ll find your preview thumbnail populate
  5. You’ll need to create a title for your post, and select who you’d like to have access to your Livestream
  6. On desktop, you can preview your post before publishing by clicking the View icon.png button
  7. If you’re planning on starting your Livestream immediately, feel free to publish your post now.
    If your live stream is several days away, we recommend publishing a teaser post to get patrons excited and schedule your post to publish an hour or so before you go live. You can let patrons know the exact time you’ll be live in the title or description of the post.


Managing comments on your Live Event

While your YouTube Live Event will play from your Patreon Livestream post, comments that patrons leave on the YouTube Live Event directly (on YouTube’s site) will not populate in the comment section of your post. 

The same is true for your post comments – if patrons make a comment in the comment section of your Patreon post, it will not populate on the comment feed of your YouTube Live Event. 

To ensure you’re getting both sides of the conversation, we recommend having both your post page and your YouTube Studio page open at the same time. That way you won’t miss any of your patrons’ comments. 

Want to turn comments off for your YouTube Live Event?

You can control whether or not you allow commenting directly on your YouTube Live Event. You’ll want to take this step while you’re setting your Live Event up. 

After you’ve titled your Event, and scheduled the time, open More options > Advanced settings and toggle off the comments.

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