My page has been taken down, what can I do?

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If you have received an email from the Trust and Safety team informing you that they have removed your creator page from the website, you still have a few options.

The Trust and Safety team takes reported creators very seriously and does thorough research before reaching a decision. That said, mistakes happen and more context will always help to reach an informed decision.

The email the team sent you will provide the reason why your account has been removed from Patreon. From there you have two choices:

Appeal: When the Trust and Safety team remove your page, you have 72 hours to contact them to counter their decision. Please provide documentation to support your claim – they will be happy to review it.

Reinstatement: If your page has been removed in the past and you are hoping to start a new one please send us a note at so that we can review the situation. We would normally recommend waiting for some time in between the final notice for removal and asking to be reinstated. As a payment processor, our investigations take time because we need to review both your new projects and your online presence as a whole. In other words, time will allow us to make an informed decision on your case.

That does not mean that we are not ready to discuss and treat each situation as a unique one.

Remember that the first step is always contacting us – so if you feel like you are in an exceptional situation please send us a note – we will be happy to review it.

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