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Not sure what to offer your patrons? We recommend reading through our guide, How to combine exclusive content and community to delight your fans, to get your wheels turning! Below are some suggestions based on what the Patreon Support team has seen creators offer over the years.

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What are good benefits to add as a podcaster? studio microphone

earThey’re all ears! Give the people what they want with these common benefits you can offer your patrons. 
Mp3 Downloads
With Patreon, you can attach downloadable mp3s directly to your posts, making it super simple to offer these audio gems as items. When you upload an audio file as a post, your file will automatically be available for download to your patrons. 
You can also offer patrons individual RSS feeds linked to your audio posts, so your patrons can listen to your downloads on their favourite podcast app.
Bonus or extended episodes
Wouldn’t your hardcore fans just love access to more of your content? Unfiltered, extended episodes, or bonuses can be a great way to convert fans of your podcast into patrons.
Tickets to listen to you record live
You've been the mysterious voice behind the podcast for so long – why not invite your top patrons to watch you in action as you record the show?  
Ability to ask questions to be answered on the show
Ask your patrons what burning questions they have that they'd like to be answered on the show! Whether your podcast is about sports, science or just a couple of friends in a basement chatting, there is always something your patrons want to know. 
Invite a patron as a guest
Wouldn't it be cool and really meta to have one of your biggest fans of your podcast BE on your podcast?

What are good benefits to offer as a writer? laptop computer 

Blogging?  Writing the next best novel?  Short story author? Drafting a graphic novel masterpiece? Whatever you write, here are some great benefits you can offer your patrons on Patreon:
Access to early drafts
No need to nag your friends to read over your rough drafts! You can share these directly with your patrons. As your most loyal fans, they're probably itching for the chance to help make your work even more amazing.
Extra material not included in book
Whether they're deleted scenes, character studies, or simply just nonsensical scribbles that were the starting point of your story, they're a fun and personal item to share with your patrons.
Make a post and start a questions & answers thread with your patrons! Have them ask you anything, from questions about your creative process, your favourite time to write, to where you get your brilliant ideas from!
Acknowledgement in finished work
This is a great benefit to add to your higher tiers – for those super patrons. Show your unending gratitude by thanking them in your printed piece. Maybe even toss that cherry cherries on top by sending them a signed copy hot off the press.
Story collaboration
Allow your most dedicated patrons to name characters in your story, decide between a few plot twists or even determine the fate of your protagonist! 

What are good benefits to add as a musician? musical notes 

Making a living as a musician can be tough.  You need benefits that allow you to focus more of your time writing, recording and performing those killer tunes.  Here are a few suggestions:
Mp3 downloads
With Patreon, you can attach downloadable mp3s directly to your posts, making it super simple to offer these audio gems as items. If you directly upload your audio files to your audio post (meaning not as a link),  your patrons will automatically be able to download audio posts that you post at their tiers. 
Early access to concert tickets
Going on tour?  Your patrons will probably be first in line for tickets anyway, so why not let them purchase tickets before the general public?  It’s an easy way to fill those seats with the people who love your music the most.
Discuss lyrics and meaning
Were your songs inspired by a long-lost lover?  A family pet?  Wherever the inspiration came from, your patrons want to know!
Custom song
Show some love for your top patrons and write them a song!  Ok – it doesn't have to be a love song with their name as the title; even just a little inspiration or lyric about them will do the trick. winking face 
Backstage pass
Invite your patrons backstage at your next gig!  They'll be stoked to listen to you play and even more excited to check what the show is like from your perspective.  

What are good benefits to offer as a vlogger or filmmaker? movie camera 

Video production is a lot of work. You want to give your patrons clever benefits that give you more time to create the content that they love. Here are common benefits offered by vloggers and filmmakers on Patreon.
Ad-block forgiveness
Ads can be invasive and annoying.  Show your patrons you care by removing ads from your videos.
Monthly Google Hangouts
Your patrons are used to you being in front of a camera, so why not give them some screen time as well? Invite your top patrons to a group live chat once a month and put a face to the pledge!  
Who doesn’t want to engage with their favourite vloggers? Whether it’s a live version of your show or a Q&A with your super patrons, livestreaming is a great added benefit that you can offer your higher tier patrons. 
Learn more on how to make a Livestream post with Crowdcast
Monthly live stream on Periscope or Twitch
Maybe Google Hangouts and Crowdcast aren't your style and you'd rather show your patrons what a typical day in your shoes is like.  Whether you're headed to the grocery store or working on a new video, going live can make your patrons feel a greater sense of connection to you.
Patrons' names in the credits
It's super simple for you and goes a long way for your patrons.  Add some gratitude to the end of your videos by thanking your patrons in the credits.
Ability to pick topics for videos
Coming up with video ideas can be tough, so why not let your patrons give you topics for your next video?  A fun benefit for your patrons and creative juice for you!  Win/win.

What are good Items to add as a visual artist? camera 

There are a lot of great benefits a visual artist can offer their patrons on Patreon – here are just a few of the most popular ones.
Discount on a piece of art
Whether you have pieces for sale online, in a shop or taking up room in your workspace, offering your patrons a discount is a great way to show your patrons you care (and sell some work in the process).
Ability to commission work
Maybe your patrons have something specific they’d love to ask you to create or are searching to fill a certain amount of wall space. Allowing them to commission pieces from you is a great perk to offer your top patrons.
Invitations to gallery openings
Showing some of your work in an upcoming gallery show?  Fill the room with your biggest fans by inviting your patrons to come cheer you on!
Generate fan art from your patrons
Invite your patrons to create their own pieces of art inspired by your work!  Your patrons will love that they get to share their own works of art with one of their favourite artists. You can share your favourites in a post you make dedicated to your patrons! 
Art tutorials
How do you create such beautiful masterpieces?!  Share your process in step by step "how to" articles or fun informative videos.

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