Can I delete a patron?

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Since rolling out our blocking feature, creators are no longer able to delete patrons. 

Here's why: Deleting patrons was a way for creators to temporarily remove patrons from their list of patrons. This didn't stop patrons from rejoining the creator's Patreon community, so it was essentially a band-aid effect.

When a patron's payment declines, that patron is automatically revoked access to a creator's patron-only posts, until that patron's payment processes. A creator does not need to delete a patron to prevent the patron from viewing the creator's posts.

What can a creator do instead of deleting a patron?

If you have a patron whose pledge has declined, they will automatically be revoked access to your patron-only posts and will receive an email from us to update their payment info. You can also send them a message yourself, which is sometimes more effective.

If you have a patron who has been detrimental to your success on Patreon, you have the option of blocking them. Blocking a patron will remove their pledge to you as well as prevent them from becoming your patron again.  

Learn more about how to block a patron on our article.

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