My creator was suspended, what happens next?

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Sometimes the Trust and Safety team suspends a creator because their content is in violation of our Community Guidelines. A suspension means a member of our team is working with the creator to make sure they have time to work on their content. It usually takes a couple of days until a page is unsuspended but it can sometimes take up to a couple of weeks depending on how extensive the changes that need to be made are. We want to make sure creators have all the tools and knowledge they need the first time they’re suspended so that they don’t have to repeat the suspension process in the future.



Depending on what kind of payment cycle the creator has enabled on their page, a creator may choose to refund their patrons while suspended. Patreon doesn’t issue refunds on behalf of creators so you’ll want to reach out to creators you pledge to directly if you want a refund for the time that they were suspended. Check out this article to learn more about our refund policy.


Communication with the creator:

Creators who are suspended can still send and receive messages on Patreon. As part of the suspension and reactivation process, we ask them to communicate the new direction of their page to their patrons and followers. That will give you a chance to consider whether or not you are still interested in this creator’s new content.



Can I delete my membership?

Patrons have the ability to delete their subscription or 'membership' at any time. You can learn how to delete your membership here.

Creators can work on reforming their content in complete peace of mind. However, this also means part of the process includes notifying their patrons once their content has been approved by the content and policy team. After you’re informed about the change in content, you can choose to resume your membership at any time.

How long will it take?

Suspensions usually last 3 to 5 days but can sometimes take up to a few weeks. As mentioned above, creators under suspension can still receive messages and answer them. Feel free to contact them by answering any prior message thread you have with them.

I find other creators who were creating similar content but aren’t suspended. Why not?

Our Community Guidelines apply to all creators. If you think a creator page is violating our guidelines, you can send us a report by following the steps outlined in this article and our Trust and Safety team will investigate further.

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