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Promoting your Patreon page on social media can be crucial to raising awareness of your membership options and converting followers and friends into patrons.

In this article, we’ll go over:

Sharing my posts on social media 

There are two different ways to share your posts on social media: 

  1. After publishing a post (launched page)
    Immediately after you publish your post, a pop-up window will let you know the post is live and it’ll display an image preview of how it’ll show up on your socials. Below the preview, you’ll find the option to share it on your Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest (requires log in authentication). You’ll also find an option to copy the post link to add it directly to a platform.

  2. Directly from the post in your Feed
    Even if you skip the option to share your post after publishing, you can always do it directly from your creator page by clicking the share button on the post. You can also click on the post title and grab the post page URL to link directly to a platform.


Adding Preview Text to my posts

Preview Text offers non-patrons and patrons who don’t have access to a post a glimpse of what you’re offering at that tier. 

Your post’s Preview Text defaults to the first 140 characters of the text body section of your post. You can customise Preview Text while creating your post or add it later when editing a post. When someone clicks on the social media post, they’ll be taken to a locked post page where they can become a patron.

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