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If some or all of your members’ payments are processed on the 1st of each month, you can expect a slight delay between when processing completes and when your paid member count updates for the current month. While we’ve worked hard to minimise this delay, we recommend waiting until the 2nd of each month for your updated paid member count and Relationship Manager lists.

New Membership insights

Membership summary

Your Membership insights page includes a Membership summary that lists your total member count, including free and paid members. It also breaks down your total paid member count specifically and your estimated monthly earnings. If you’ve enabled membership visibility from your settings, then your public page will also display your total member count.

Membership insights overview

Visit your Membership insights to analyse your membership health over time. Here’s how to get a breakdown of paid members in each tier:

  1. Click on the Insights link from the left navigation to get to your Membership insights page
  2. Use the date drop-down menu at the top of the page to filter your view by the past 30 days, past 6 months, past year and all time
    • When you open your membership insights, your insights will be filtered by 30 days by default
  3. Click on the audience drop-down menu and choose the Paid members filter
  4. Directly under the insights graph, click on the Tiers button to view a breakdown of each of your tiers

Please note that your Membership insights are great for getting a sense of your membership count over stretches of time, but will not give your member count on a single date.

Get a list of paid members in each tier

You can use the filtering tool at the top of your Relationship manager to find the number of members in each of your tiers as well as free members. Here are the steps to find your member count and a list of members in a given tier:

  1. Click the Audience button from the left navigation to get to your Relationship manager
  2. Choose your audience:
    • Click the Paid members button and go to Step 3
    • Click the Free members button to get a list of free members – if all you need is a list of free members, then you don’t need to go any further! Click the CSV button to download your list
  3. Click the Filters button
  4. By default, all of your paid tiers will be selected, you can deselect any tiers you don’t want to include in your list
  5. Scroll down to click Save filters. Once saved, your filter(s) will automatically apply to the Relationship manager list and your paid member count will reflect the filtered list

Curious about what other insights your Relationship Manager has to offer? Visit our article on how to manage your members to learn more

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