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Non-patrons or “potential patrons,” and paying patrons are searching for different things when they visit your creator page. While patrons are there for unlocked content their membership offers them, non-patrons are searching for information that will inform whether or not they’ll become a patron. 
Terms we use:
  • Non-patrons = unpaid visitors, or potential patrons
  • Patron = paying patrons

What do non-patrons experience? 

If you’re on our premium or pro creator plans, non-patrons will find a version of your page that highlights your tiers and the benefits. This allows patrons to easily compare your benefits and decide what tier level is best for them. We’re testing improvements to the page on a regular basis in order to help you get more patrons, so at any point, you may find a slightly different design, but the screenshot below is the baseline version.


If you have annual memberships enabled, your page will be more like this:


I’m on the lite creator plan, what will my page be like? 
If you’re on our lite creator plan, patrons will find the option to become a patron front and centre.


What else is different? 

  • Featured tags: Non-patrons won’t access any featured tags you’ve added to your page. Once non-patrons become patrons, they’ll find the featured tags listed on the left-hand side of your overview page. 
  • Who you support: Non-patrons won’t find the “supported by…” section on the right side of your page. 
  • Posts: When non-patrons visit your page, they’ll find your 20 most recent posts directly under your about section. They can scroll down to access all of your posts. Don’t worry though, patron-only posts will be locked to non-patrons until they become a patron. 
How can I experience the difference for myself? 
To view your page as a non-patron, simply visit your Patreon page URL while logged out, or in an incognito window. It's that simple.  

You can experience what paying patrons experience when they visit your page, by logging in and visiting your overview section. This experience will not change with this rollout. 

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