Upcoming updates to Income dashboards

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We want to give you a clear and reliable view of your Earnings across the Income Dashboards on Patreon. Below you'll find details about changes we’ve made across a few different dashboards to give you more visibility. 

These are just the first step towards bringing you better insights to manage and grow your membership. Stay tuned! 

Earnings Dashboard

Income > Earnings

  1. Adding a new column: Attempted Amount Charged
  2. Moving your Declines Dashboard into your Earnings report 


Pledge Growth Dashboard

Income > Pledge Growth

3. Removing the “Amount pledged at end of month” column 
4. Zooming in on what’s changed this month so you can see if your tactics are working to grow your membership.


Payouts Dashboard

Income > Payouts

5. Adding in a new column: Earnings. This is the same information from the last column on your Earnings Dashboard 


Creator Home Earnings Overview

Home > Overview

6. Annual pledges will display as their monthly equivalent (£120 annual pledge would display as £10 monthly, etc.). This number is an estimate of your monthly earnings; you can learn more in this article: Understand the numbers listed on my page


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