Impact of international sanctions against Russia

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I am a creator based in Russia. What do international sanctions mean for me?

As a result of sanctions imposed on Russia, international financial institutions are prohibited from engaging in transactions with most Russian banks. That includes the payment partners we work with to get Russia-based creators paid. As a result, we are currently unable send payments to creators who are based there. If you are a creator based in Russia, please contact your payout provider for more information. 

I am a member/fan based in Russia. What do international sanctions mean for me?

We are still allowing fans to pledge their support to creators based in Russia, and the funds will remain secure until further notice. However, Patrons based in Russia may encounter difficulties with payment processing since these sanctions also impact credit card payments.

This situation could change quickly.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that this situation is fluid and subject to change. We are actively monitoring developments and maintaining communication with our payment partners. Should there be any updates that allow us to better support local creators and their fans, we will promptly inform affected creators and implement necessary adjustments on our end. Your patience and understanding during this uncertain time are greatly appreciated.

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