How to get traffic to your Creator page

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Promoting your Patreon is key to getting traffic to your page, which leads to more patrons to your membership. Sharing your page is the first step to promoting your Patreon. Here are some more tips to help you get started:

1. Share your link

Your link will help your followers on your different social platforms be able to find your page. You should include your link in your social bios, email newsletters or whatever platform you use to share news and content with your followers. You can use the copy link button to grab your Patreon URL in one quick and easy motion. Just click My page > Click the Share button > Select Copy link. Start by including the URL when you share about your launch and include your URL any time you have upcoming exclusive content to announce.

Add in your bios

Instagram: Go to my Instagram
Twitter: Twitter → Edit Profile → Add description
Youtube: Youtube → Your Channel → Customise Channel → Basic Info

2. Create an intro video

You can create an intro video to share on your socials to attract your followers to your Patreon page. An intro video is a great way to talk about why you started a Patreon, highlight the different types of benefits you will offer and ask your followers to check out your page and become a patron today. You can also add this intro video to your Patreon to help visitors understand why they should join your membership.

3. Poll your audience

One way to keep our patrons engaged is to create polls. Ask your followers on your different platforms how they can be involved in your membership. You can gauge their interest in what type of content and benefits they’d like to receive.

4. Be consistent

Think about all the different spaces where you can promote. The more consistent you are with mentioning and including your Patreon page in your content or on your other platforms, the more your followers will be aware of how important Patreon is to you. For example, if you are a video creator, you can make a habit of reminding your viewers at the end of your videos that you have a Patreon. 

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