Where can I find my followers?

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This article will go over how a creator can check the Patreon users who have chosen to follow them instead of joining a membership. It will cover what a follower is and what they have access to.

What is a follower? 

A follower is a lesser known sector of your community – essentially, a follower is a potential member. Though they haven’t yet made the commitment to join your membership, they want to follow your work and check your progress.

Where can I find who’s following me? 

  1. Log in and click the Audience button from the creator menu. 
  2. Click on Relationship manager from the menu list. 
  3. Click on the Filters button to open your filter options. 
  4. Select the Followers filter and click on the Apply Filters button to get a list of your current followers. 

Can I message my followers? 

Not at the moment – you can only message members who joined your membership or former members who have been billed. 

What can my followers access? 

Your followers will be alerted whenever you make a public post – so if you want to convert followers into members, one great way to send them a message is via public posts. We encourage you to make a combination of both member-only posts and public posts. You can use member-only content within your public posts to help convert followers into members. 




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