How to navigate the Patreon app (Patrons)

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Patrons can enjoy the benefits of creators they support wherever they go with the Patreon app. Patrons can listen to podcasts, respond to posts as soon as they’re shared, and stay connected with their favorite creators.

You can download the latest version of the Patreon app below: 

Home feed

When you log in, your default homepage is a feed of posts from your creator in chronological order, with newer posts at the top and older posts at the bottom. You can view a creator's page by tapping on their name from your feed. 

Tap on the Compass icon to search for new creators. From this search bar, you can also get to creators you have a membership with or follow. 

Find your creators' content

Quickly find a creator's posts with the post search feature on each creator's page. 



You can access your messages by clicking on the Envelope icon from the bottom menu of the app.

Account Menu

Tapping on your profile image in the top left corner will open up your account menu. From here, you can tap into your Settings, manage your Memberships, get support, and switch to your creator profile if you’re also a creator.

If you need to log out, tap into your Settings and then tap the Log out button.

Audio tab

The Audio tab lives in your home feed and is where you can find your creators' audio posts. You can use the filter menu at the top right corner to toggle between different play states.

If you want to download, archive, or share an audio file, you can do so by clicking on it from the Audio tab. After clicking on the audio file, you can access the Audio post menu (three dots) located at the top right corner of the page. This will bring out a drop-down menu with different actions to choose from.


  • Once you've finished listening to a file, it is automatically archived and hidden from this view (IOS)
  • Swiping right on a file reveals the download action (IOS)
  • Swiping right on a downloaded file reveals the remove from download action (IOS)
  • Swiping left on a file reveals the archive action (IOS)
  • Pressing and holding the audio file reveals the archive action (Android)

Dark mode

Dark mode will pull from your global settings on Android and iOS. If you have your preferences set to “dark” within your mobile device settings, Patreon will default to the dark mode view. 

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