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Patreon Lens is a content-sharing feature in the Patreon mobile app that serves as the easiest way to find exclusive, behind-the-scenes content from your creators. 

To view a creator's Lens clips: 

  1. While logged in on the Patreon app, tap your Account icon
  2. Next, tap on My memberships
  3. Tap on the creator you want to check Lens for
  4. If the creator has a new Lens clip, their profile image (circular avatar) will include a red ring around it
  5. Tap on the creator's profile image to review their Lens clip(s)

When they have new Lens posts, we'll give you a preview of the clip and a notification with the number of new clips available. Click on the icon and behind the scenes content will start playing. Swipe downward to exit the clip and return to their creator profile.  

Navigating stories

You can skip forward and back through your creator's stories by quickly tapping the right or left edge of your screen. To pause a story, hold a finger down on the screen. When you release your finger, the story will continue playing where it left off.

You will be able to find the creator's story 24 hours before it expires.

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