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You can make posts on the go for fans and paid members using the mobile app. You'll have many of the same editing and composing tools you have on your desktop on the app. If you charge members per creation, be sure to read this article before publishing your post. 

How to make a post on the Patreon app

  1. If you aren’t already there, switch to your creator profile by tapping on your profile image and selecting Switch to Creator Profile
  2. Tap the Make a Post icon.png icon
  3. You can embed a link or tap the Add Media button to choose an image or video from your phone camera or phone library
    • When creating a post, you can also add inline images by tapping the image icon in the bottom format bar
  4. When you're happy with your post, tap Next
  5. Tap Who can see this post to bring up your options: public, all members, or select tiers
    • Note: Making a post for all members will make the post accessible to free members
  6. You can Publish, Schedule your post to publish later, or exit the post editor, and we’ll save your progress in your Drafts

Do you charge your members per creation? 

As a per-creation creator, you'll find the additional option to Charge for this post when you create a post. If your post includes a "This post is free" message, it means that your members will not be billed when you click Publish. 

Want to save your post and publish it later?  

We'll autosave posts you create. We'll autosave anytime you make changes across the title, content, tags, attachments, media, access, preview, and schedule time/date for your unpublished posts. 

Edit or delete published posts

You can edit any of your posts within the mobile app. Navigate to the Posts page from the bottom menu, then select Published. Tap on the post you would like to edit or delete. Click the three dots on the page to expand the menu, and you'll find the option to Edit or Delete the post entirely.

Post editing improvements

  • Edit posts faster, whether you’re embedding a link, changing the media type, or formatting text. Your edit options are visible front-and-center, so you can easily fix a typo, assign tiers, or discard a post.
  • Publish and promote with ease. Finalize posts quicker with the ability to preview or publish the post while your content is uploading. We’ll let you know when the upload is complete. Also, share new posts with fans in one click on all of your social media platforms.
  • Creators with early access to Native Video can now share on-the-go updates through the Patreon mobile app. Upload videos up to two minutes long directly from your phone camera or photo library.

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