Early access to the new Patreon

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What is it:

Patreon is building new tools to help you strengthen your community and grow your creative business. You will be able to directly reach and engage more of your audience on Patreon by welcoming fans without a paid membership.

Any eligible creator can get immediate access by clicking on the link on comingsoon@patreon.com

Who is eligible?

Your account must meet the following criteria to be eligible for early access:

After the early access period, we’re committed to making the new experience available to all creators, including those whose work is for 18+ audiences.

How much will this cost?

It’s free to share your work and connect directly with your community on Patreon, whether you already have a paid membership or not.

If you introduce paid memberships, Patreon will keep 8 or 12% of membership earnings, depending on your pricing plan, plus fees and applicable taxes.

Learn more about what paid membership fees you can expect as a creator.

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