Why is my payout is less than I expected?

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This article will cover reasons to consider as to why the amount you earned is less than you has assumed it would be. If the funds you received is less that you had expected, refer to the following reasons below to better understand how Patreon works. 


Don’t forget that we need to survive! Patreon takes a platform fee and payment processing feesDepending on how you payout your account balance, there will be a fee assessed on your payout. For a breakdown of these fees you can visit your earnings dashboard.

Declined pledges

Another cause is if some of your patrons' payments declined. In your Relationship Manager you can check if any patron payments were declined.

Pledges to other creators

If you're a patron to other creators, we'll subtract your pledge from your creator payout. This prevents unnecessary additional fees, and your card or PayPal account will be billed less or not at all.

Also, the number listed on your public page is an estimate and is not an accurate representation of what you may actually earn. You can learn more about this here: Understand the numbers listed on my creator page

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