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The earnings number and patron count listed under your profile image and your Membership insights page are approximations of your monthly or per creation earnings and patronage. Think of the overview and summary as a snapshot of your current membership health.

The patron count and earnings estimations are pulled from the active patron list in your Relationship Manager.

While our examples show a US Dollar ($) amount, yours will appear in the supported currency you and your patrons have selected. To learn more about currencies, please visit this help center article: Selecting my billing currency



Where can I review my processed earnings? 

Use the Earnings dashboard, and Payouts reports for your monthly totals. These reports are reliable records of what we've processed for you in a given month. 

The earnings number listed on your page will fluctuate as patrons come and go, and as we retry declined payments throughout the month. While you can use this number as a snapshot of your earnings, it will adjust throughout the month. 

Your Membership dashboard is your best resource for digging into patron count by join date and tiers.

How are we calculating the number shown on your page?

We add your active membership payments and then take into account the following:
  • Payment fees 
    We use the percentage of your payment processing fees from the previous month as an estimator. There may be fluctuation in this amount depending on what is processed.
  • Platform fee
    This fee will vary depending on the plan that you are on and is deducted from the total to give you a more accurate estimation of your take-home earnings
    To find out more about the platform fee, visit
    this help center article: Creator fees breakdown.
    If you are on the legacy Founder's Pricing, visit this article: My earnings fees (founding creator)
  • Declines
    The total amount of declined payments from the month. Patrons can have an active membership and still be in a declined state — don't worry, they won't have access to your page content until they resolve their payment. We remove declined payments and patrons from your patron count and earnings estimation that you see until their payment is resolved.  

Why did my numbers suddenly change? 

If you use one of our legacy billing models; monthly, charge upfront, or per creation, we process your patrons’ payments throughout the day on the 1st. The earnings and patron count listed on your page may fluctuate the most in the first few days of the month if you use one of our legacy billing models. Any declined payments from patrons will be subtracted from the earnings number. 

If you are a charge upfront creator, you’ll see the biggest shift on the 3rd of the month. There is a brief delay between payment processing on the 1st of each month and when patrons who canceled in the previous month are removed from your “Active” patron list and patron count.

Patrons who canceled in the previous month do not have access beyond the 1st of the month; however, these patrons are not removed from your patron count and "Active" list until 12 midnight Pacific Time on the 3rd of each month. If you notice a sudden decrease in your patron count, it means that those canceled patrons have been removed from your count.

We’re actively working on ways to shorten this delay so as not to interrupt your workflows.

How can I tell who has canceled before the 3rd of each month?

  1. By heading to your Relationship Manager, and filtering by the “Cancel Date” column.
  2. Patrons who have a “cancel date” in the previous month no longer have access to your posts and will be removed from your patron count at 12 midnight on the 3rd. 

Do I lose patrons who decline?

No – but we do deduct declines from the earnings number listed on your creator page. We regularly retry your patrons’ declined payments throughout the month, and your earnings number will likely increase to reflect any payments that process later in the month. So don’t feel discouraged. 

How do I know which patrons’ payments declining? 

You can visit your Patron Relationship Manager and use the filters to find the group of patrons who’s payments we were unable to process– again, don’t worry, we’ll retry them throughout the month for you.   

How will this affect your milestone goals?

All goals that were previously met will still be met.

Example: I just hit my $1,000 milestone goal but with this change, the public-facing dollar is adjusted down to $800. My $1,000 milestone goal will still be met and my profile will display the next milestone goal (if I have another goal created). 

If you are close to meeting a goal but haven't yet, this does mean that it will take you a bit longer to hit that goal since your public-facing number is now a little lower than it was before. Fear not! You'll get there, and we'll be rooting for you the whole way.

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