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Tags are a great way to organize different types of posts to help patrons easily navigate and search through your post's history. 

You can add tags to any New, Scheduled, Drafted, and already Published posts.  

What kind of tags can I add?

Tags can be anything you want them to be, whether it's the type of content you produce, a benefit, the title of a collection of posts, a popular keyword, etc. When creating tags, consider what things tend to recur in your work, and what your patrons might be searching for when they're checking your posts.

How do I add multiple tags to a post?

Select "enter/return" once you're done adding the first tag, and you'll be prompted to type the next tag.

Are there any limitations to tags?

Each post can have up to 50 tags. Each tag can be up to 25 characters (including spaces) and can even contain emojis! 👍🏽

Capitalization matters, so if you are trying to add a tag you've used before, make sure to use the same letter case you used to ensure these tags will be grouped together. If you start typing a tag you've used in the past, your tag will auto-complete to make it easier for you.

Can I edit tags?

Yes, you can. Simply go to edit an older post and scroll down to the tag field, where you can remove or add additional tags. There is currently no way to edit a tag across multiple posts in one go, so you'll need to click into individual posts to add/edit a tag.

How will the tags display for my patrons?

When a patron is accessing the Posts section of your page, they'll find a “Filter” section on the left-hand side that'll list all of the tags you've created. If they click one of the tags, the page will show all of the posts containing that tag. They can also click a tag straight from within one of your posts, leading them to all of your posts with that tag.

Can tags be searched using the search bar?

There is currently no way to access all posts on Patreon tagged with a specific tag.

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