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On Patreon, you can organize your posts with collections and tags to help fans find more of what they're looking for. Collections and tags are easily discoverable through a dedicated Collections tab on your page on both web and the Patreon mobile app. This guide will go through how to use both features to catalog your work and make it easier for fans to enjoy your content.


You can think of collections as your own library where you can organize your work exactly how you want. You can create as many collections as you’d like, with up to 500 posts per collection. It’s easy to create collections from existing tags if you’ve already been using them or create new collections and select which posts to group together.

How to create your first collection

Learn more about creating and managing collections.


Tags can be anything you want them to be, whether it's the type of content you produce, a benefit, the title of a collection of posts, a popular keyword, etc. When creating tags, consider what things tend to recur in your work and what your fans might be searching for when they're checking your posts. When a fan clicks on a tag, they’ll be taken to a page with all of the posts.

How to add tags to posts

You can add tags to your post whenever you create or edit a post. To create a new post, click on the Create button from the left-hand navigation. At the bottom of the post creator, you can type your tag and hit enter. To edit a post, click on the pencil-edit-button.png Edit button and add your tags.

What to keep in mind about tags

  • Each post can have up to 50 tags. Each tag can be up to 25 characters (including spaces) and can even contain emojis
  • Capitalization matters, so if you are trying to add a tag you've used before, make sure to use the same letter case you used to ensure these tags will be grouped together
  • If you start typing a tag you've used in the past, your tag will auto-complete to make it easier for you
  • While you can edit an individual tag, there is currently no way to edit tags across multiple posts at the same time


  • There’s no hard-set rule on this. You can use collections exclusively or use a combination of collections and tags. Tags can cover a wide set of content that might not necessarily need to be seen together, whereas you can use collections to give your fans a clear sequence or series of content that you believe should be consumed together. Collections let you curate your fans’ experience with your content.

  • Absolutely! Both collections and tags you create can be easily discovered through the dedicated Collections tab.

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