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You can spice up the text portion of your posts by adding inline images. This article will guide you through: 

Adding an Inline Image to a Post 

  1. While logged in to your creator account, click on the Create button from the left-hand side of your creator menu
  2. Create a new post and click into the post field to populate a camera icon
  3. Add an image straight from your desktop, or grab a URL from where the images are hosted 
  4. Click the confirm button and you're all set

Tips for using links from popular image hosting sites

A note on Image links

Inline images can be hosted by a third-party site like Tumblr or Flickr. If you use Google Photos - please note they expire their links after a certain timeframe: they may work for a while, but will not work long term. 

We use for all embedded images. You can Test your URL to ensure that your image will post. Add your URL and click the arrow link to the right. If you find an error in the “type” field, your image URL will not post properly, and you’ll want to make sure you have the correct link.

Using links from Tumblr? 

If you are using photo links from Tumblr here's how to upload them on Patreon: 

  1. On Tumblr, right-click on your image, and "Copy Image Address".
  2. Insert that URL into the field that popped up when you click the camera icon for your post
  3. Click the Confirm button, and you'll notice your image populate

Using links from Flickr?

Using Flickr? If you’re finding the message “Invalid Media” you can grab your URL and Test your link. Scroll down to where you find “URL” and copy the longer URL. Add this to the link field of your Post. 


Sharing images from Instagram? Make sure your account is not marked as private. Images on private accounts aren’t shareable in Posts as they are meant only for your approved Instagram followers.

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