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You can view a creator's Lens clips on a desktop in addition to the Patreon mobile app! Learn more about viewing your creators' Lens on the app in this article.

To view a creator's Lens clip:

  1. Visit their creator page
  2. Select the Posts tab
  3. You will find any available Lens clips here at the top of the Posts page
  4. Click the play button to view Lens
  5. Click on the arrows on the right and left of the clips to go forward or backward between them, or click on the far-right or far-left side of the clip to move.
  6. To get back to the creator's page, click outside of the clip or the X in the top right corner.

You can replay these after you view them; however, they'll disappear after 24 hours.

If a creator is using Lens, Patreon will send you email notifications when they upload new content. If you already have the Patreon app and push notifications are enabled, you will not receive an email regarding Lens content.

To unsubscribe from Lens emails, head to your Patreon email settings here and deselect the option to receive an email when a creator posts Lens content:


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