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Available to Pro and Premium creators, exclusive Lens Access allows you to decide which patrons get to access your exclusive Lens. With Lens, you can easily post behind-the-scenes photos and video. When you upload, you decide who can access it: should it be private as a benefit for patrons, or should it be public so followers can get a taste of what to expect if they become a patron?

By default, creators have two options: clips can be sent to all patrons or they can be public. If you want more control, you can enable Exclusive Lens Access, allowing you to decide which tiers get Lens.

How to enable Exclusive Lens Access:

  1. Open the Patreon app and tap on the red Make a post icon in the bottom-right of the screen
  2. Select Lens, then tap on the gear icon in the top lefthand corner of the Lens Camera Screen
  3. Tap on Exclusive Lens access and select which tiers will have access to posts
  4. Tap the back arrow icon and continue to upload your Lens post

If you want to upload Lens content for different selected tiers, you'll need to select those specific tiers when you make your next Lens post.

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