How do I manage my patrons?

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Your Relationship manager is a simple, and powerful tool for managing your patrons. Here you’ll find membership, billing, and contact information for active, and canceled patrons. Think of your Relationship manager as your one-stop shop for understanding who your patrons are and their current status.

While the examples throughout this article are in US Dollar ($), it is possible that you get paid in any of our supported currencies, depending on the currency you and the patron have chosen.

What’s included in my Relationship manager?

Let’s break down the aspects of your Patron Relationship Manager into sections to help you better utilize the information available. Below we’ll go through the following:

Managing patrons with filters in Patron Relationship Manager

Patron Relationship Manager is a full list of all your patrons. You can use filters to get more granular information on groups of patrons.

You can filter your patron list by:

  • Status (active, declined, canceled, refunded, fraud, follower)
  • All tiers (filter by patrons with “No tier,” or by your Tier levels)
  • All benefits
  • Pledges amount and lifetime pledge amount (payment amount)
  • Join date
  • Completion status

Start from scratch by clicking Clear filters” under the filters bar.

Note: If you are in our Annual memberships Beta, you’ll find an added filter in your Relationship Manager titled, “Charge frequency," so that you can filter through your patrons that pay monthly versus per year. Learn more about how to manage annual patrons

Your Patron list

Once you’ve filtered to the patrons you’re looking for, you’ll find the list of patrons who fit your filters directly below the filters bar. The list view gives you a high-level view of your patrons.

What do the columns of my patron list mean?

Name Your patrons’ profile name. Patrons can be anonymous, just as creators can, so their profile name may not be their actual name. 
Email The email address of your patron
Discord Your patron's Discord handle 
Tiers The tier that your patron is currently on
Address Your patron's shipping address, if they've provided one
Pledge Their current payment amount. If you are using annual memberships, you may also find patrons marked as "per year." Learn more about annual plans here
Lifetime The total amount they’ve paid you as their patron. Please note that the Lifetime payment amount does not update immediately, and there may be a delay in this number updating for patrons, particularly during billing processing on the 1st of each month
Last charge The last time that we attempted to process that patron’s payment. You can find whether or not the attempt was successful in the “Status” column directly to the right
Status This column will show you the status of the patron’s most recent attempted charge
Notes If you have added any notes that might help you in your relationship with particular patrons, you’ll find them located in this column
Individual patron detail
By clicking on a patron from the list, you’ll find more details related to that patron appear in the side drawer of the manager.

Membership details

At the top, you’ll find the patron’s profile name, length of time as a patron to you, and their Tier level. If you find “no tier” listed under a patron, it means that they have not joined a Tier, and instead made a custom pledge. From here, you can send the patron a private message, refund, or block them using the More option. Learn more about blocking in this article.


You can add notes specific to your relationship with this patron, or any information that might make it easier to deliver benefits to them. These notes are private, and for your use only — patrons will not have access to the notes you add in this section.

Once added, you’ll be able to find your notes in the "Notes” column of your patron list.

Contact information for patrons

In this section, you'll find the following information related to your patron:
  • Email address
  • Shipping address, if they’ve opted into providing this information
  • Discord username, if you offer this benefit (Pro, and Premium plans)

Payment history

You can find the complete payment history for individual patrons by clicking on them within the Patron Relationship Manager. Clicking on See all payment history will bring up a window with their complete billing history.

You can refund a patron's 3 most recent bills processed to you. If you'd like to refund a patron further back, you'll want to arrange the refund outside of Patreon. 

What do the statuses in my Relationship manager mean?

Learn more about viewing patron payment history, in this help center guide.  
Paid This means the payment was successful

Learn more about viewing patron payment history, in this help center guide.  

If it displays as declined, it means that we’ve attempted to process their payment, but their bank has declined the charge. We regularly reattempt declined payments, however, oftentimes, the patron will want to contact their bank to ensure nothing is blocking the payment. Feel free to share this with patrons in a declined state: How do I retry my payment?

Upgraded The patron has successfully increased their payment amount or tier level
Downgraded The patron has successfully decreased their payment amount or tier level
Deleted This means that the patron deleted their membership
Repledged This means they’ve become your patron again
Refunded This means that this particular bill has been refunded to the patron. You can find a full list of refunded patrons by downloading the Refund CSV from your Documents section of your Payouts
Tier deleted When you’ve removed a Tier from your page. When you delete a Tier, it doesn’t delete a patrons’ payment, so be sure to communicate the change with patrons ahead of time. Learn more about retiring a Tier
Refunded by Patreon The pledge was found to be fraudulent in a fraud review and the funds for this pledge have been refunded to the cardholder

Messaging patrons & downloading your data

Bulk messaging groups of patrons

Whether you’re messaging all declined patrons encouraging them to resolve their payment, or sending benefits to all patrons in a Tier, sending mass messages to patrons is a powerful tool for membership management. 

Once you’ve filtered your list of patrons, you can use the Message button above your patron list to message all patrons on the list. While you can send mass messages, each message is still private. This means that responses from patrons will be found as separate messages in your inbox. 

Note: When messaging, we advise you to filter your list to active patrons. If you don’t do this, you may end up sending your message to patrons who may no longer wish to receive content from you.

Learn more about bulk messaging patrons in this article

Downloading your patrons’ information

Now that you have a list of specific patrons, you can download a CSV file of your data.

Note: If you are in our annual membership beta, your CSV will include an extra column titled, “Charge frequency.” Additionally, please note that your annual patrons’ Last charge date will reflect the date they joined with their annual membership.

Learn more about annual memberships in this article

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