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Lens is a great way to provide exclusive content for your patrons. You can access Lens in the mobile app. Learn more about using Lens as a creator and how to Make a lens post.

Now you'll be able to check and reply to comments from patrons within Lens. 


  1. Check your Lens. First, make sure you’ve posted recently to Lens. Click the circle with your icon on the top center of your Patreon page in the Patreon app. It will have an orange ring around your icon if you have an active Lens.

  2. Click on the comments icon in the bottom left.
    Comments will populate as the clip plays. This will be the same display for all audiences of the clip whether they're the creator, patron, or follower checking the clip. Comments only populate on the clip-on which they were originally made. You can find all of the comments within the clip. 

  3. Tap on a comment to reply

  4. Record a video response.
    Responses are limited to 30 seconds and are sent into your Lens. The patron’s comment is automatically included so that your audience knows what the comment was. Comment replies have the same access options as regular Lens posts: they can be made available exclusively to patrons or visible to followers as well. When you reply to a patron’s comment, the patron will get a push notification letting them know that you featured them.

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