How to downgrade your Patreon platform plan

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Are you trying to downgrade your Patreon plan from Pro to Lite? If so, here are a few things for you to consider and review beforehand to ensure a smooth transition for you and your patrons.

  • Once you downgrade to Lite, your creator page customization settings will revert to their default settings
  • Scheduled Benefits, Goals, and Special Offers will be deleted automatically
  • If you currently have any membership tiers, you must delete all of these tiers before you can downgrade
  • Patrons who were previously in a tier will have their tier value charged monthly
  • The Lite plan only allows for charging upfront monthly payments. If you are not currently on charge upfront, you’ll want to update your payment settings to our charge upfront billing option. Please note that the change to charge upfront is permanent, and once enabled, you cannot revert to per creation, or regular monthly billing
đź’ˇPro tip: Before deleting all your tiers, we recommend communicating the upcoming changes with your patrons.

Are you ready to downgrade? Follow these steps

  1. While logged into your creator account, select the Settings link from the left sidebar navigation
  2. You’ll land on your Account settings, where you can click on the Change plan button
  3. Select the Downgrade button next to the plan you want to switch to
  4. Click the Confirm button
  5. If you used a custom brand color for your Patreon page, we will prompt you to revert these settings to the default Patreon color under Page Settings. The default Patreon color is the first option within the Custom brand color section. If you’re uncertain which is the default, hover over the colors to display the “Patreon” label


Please note the following changes:

  • Your goals will no longer appear on your page
  • Tags will no longer appear on your page or posts, which may make it difficult for your patrons to find the content they’re searching for
  • You will no longer be able to track and manage monthly Benefits owed to patrons
  • If you need to take any other actions to complete downgrading, a popup that lists out each step you need to take will populate

How to downgrade from Premium

If you’re the account owner of a Patreon account currently on the Premium plan and wish to downgrade, you must contact your dedicated account manager. The account manager can help form a plan to wind down merch fulfillment and guide you through changes to be made to your account (i.e., removing teammates’ access and membership tiers).

Once you downgrade from Premium, you will lose your dedicated account manager access.

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