What is Patreon Lite?

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Founding creators are not eligible for Patreon Lite. Are you a founding creator wanting to simplify your page? Learn more about retiring your Tiers here

Patreon Lite offers a clean and lightweight introduction to running your membership business. The cost for using Lite is 5% of a creator’s Patreon income, plus payment processing fees. Getting started is simple with minimal page maintenance, allowing you to focus more on doing what you love most– creating.

What's included in Patreon Lite?  

Patreon Lite includes essential tools to set up recurring support from your fans and run a membership business, including: 

Your Patreon hosted page

Creators using Lite get a page hosted on Patreon.com. With no Tiers and Benefits, you can get your page up and running within minutes. Lite pages feature a Become a Patron button that allows patrons to enter any amount they wish (with a default suggestion of $5 USD / €5 Euro / £5 British Pounds), making for a streamlined checkout process. 

Google Analytics

With Patreon Lite, you can gain insights into your page traffic with Google Analytics tracking. Learn more about how to set up Google Analytics for your page here.

Payment processing for lite

All creators in Lite will be on our charge upfront or Subscription billing system. This means patrons will not have access to your patron-only content until their initial payment has been successfully processed. 

Patreon Lite payment processing rates are as follows:

US Dollars($) Euros(€) British Pounds(£)
$3 or less: 5% + 10 cents €3 or less: 5% + €0.15 £3 or less: 5% + £0.15
Over $3: 2.9% + 30 cents Over €3: 3.4% + €0.35 Over £3: 3.4% + £0.35 

PayPal processing fees are an extra 1%:

  • $3 and below: 6% + 10 cents
  • Above $3: 3.9% + 30 cents 
  • This fee does not apply to creators who have their billing currency set as Euros(€) or British Pounds(£)

Your processing fees reported by month can be viewed on your Earnings Dashboard page and are listed as the Payment fees. If your payout currency is not listed above, you can view your processing rates on your creator account settings.

Posting for patrons

Creators on Lite can post content directly to their patrons. Whether you create video, audio, or images, share your work with all of your patrons in a few clicks. 

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Custom RSS feature

Patreon Lite allows creators to offer patrons Custom RSS feeds of their audio posts– sharing exclusive episodes with your biggest fans has never been easier. With this feature, patrons have generated a custom RSS link they can subscribe to on their favorite podcast app. Simply upload your audio files as posts, and your patrons’ feeds populate with your latest episodes. Learn more about sharing your Audio posts here.

Livestreaming with Youtube

Host exclusive live events with YouTube livestream posts for patrons. You can learn more about how to create YouTube livestreaming posts, here

Communication made easy

Creators on Patreon Lite have full access to Messages with their patrons. Additionally, your Relationship Manager allows you to send direct bulk messages to select groups of patrons. 

With your Relationship Manager, you can filter patrons by charge status (paid or declined) and based on payment amounts – so you can offer high paying patrons perks via messages with this tool.

Patreon workshops from our creator Success team

We’re in this with you– our Creator Success team is dedicated to helping you be more successful with your membership business. Creators in Patreon Lite will have access to workshops that our team has built to help you successfully manage your membership business. 

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