Upgrade my plan from Patreon Lite to Pro

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We’ve decided to discontinue the Lite plan due to low creator adoption. This only applies to creators who join Patreon or are looking to downgrade to Lite after June 21, 2023. Creators who were already on the Lite plan before June 21, 2023, can continue to use Lite plan features. Visit our Lite deprecation FAQ for more information.

What should I think about before I upgrade? 

  • Our Professional Plan gives you robust tools to build a thriving membership business and access to unlimited App integrations
  • Patreon Professional is for creators looking to master membership with Patreon
  • Before switching to our Professional Plan, consider what you might offer Benefits to members at different Tier levels
  • Patreon Professional comes with several options for interacting with your community, we recommend looking through what’s available to you for managing your community, here

Learn more about what’s offered in each plan, here

How to upgrade your Plan

  1. While logged in to your creator profile, click on the Settings link from the left sidebar navigation
  2. Under the Account settings, click the Change Plan button
  3. Select the Upgrade option for Professional (Pro). At this point, you can apply for our Premium plan; however, we recommend Pro for creators who don't have teams and don't plan on implementing Merch into their membership tiers
  4. Click the Confirm button to save your change

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