I’m an adult content creator. How can I manage my online presence and my Patreon page?

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Since Patreon allows you to fund projects across multiple websites, the Trust and Safety team can request creators to review all content that is linked to or from their Patreon pages.  

However, we do understand that creators can have different projects online and Patreon is happy to host those that are within our guidelines. 

What is a project on Patreon?

Your campaign is your project on Patreon. Everything that is offered as a reward, advertised and shared on posts or private messages is considered part of the project that is being funded on Patreon. This includes galleries and socials linked on your Patreon page and also galleries and links that lead to your Patreon page. Also, if you offer direct access or discounts to other platforms, it will be considered part of your project on Patreon. 

How can I communicate all my projects to my audience?

You can and should let your audience know where to find all of your projects. We believe that clarity about what you offer on each platform is fundamental to engage your community of fans. However, if any of your projects violate our guidelines, your Patreon page should not be the place to communicate it. 

You can do this by having a landing page or even free links organization tools. It’s important to provide clear descriptions of what each platform is about so that your patrons know what to expect on Patreon. 

Which projects can be funded on Patreon?

As long as your project doesn’t violate our Community Guidelines, Benefits Guidelines or Terms of Use, it can be funded on Patreon. If you have any trouble figuring it out or need further guidance on how to manage your online presence, please contact our Trust and Safety team here

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