How do I contact support?

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Tip for contacting Patreon Support

How do I use Patreon as a creator?

Visit the Creator Hub for guidance on getting started, growing your page, and building your Patreon community. Keep tabs on this events page for live group sessions to make the most of your membership business. 

Payment, Login, or Guideline Inquiries

If your request is regarding payments, log in or guideline inquiries, you will need to use email support. Please note our expected response time for email may reach 1 week given the extreme demand. Send us an email request by clicking on this link here, or scroll down to the bottom of the article and click the Email Patreon Support button.

  • Please do not send multiple emails for the same request. We are working to get to the emails in the order they are received, and newer emails will be merged into the initial request to minimize duplicate responses.
  • If everything is resolved before we respond to your request, please update your email to let us know. 

General Inquiries

If you need assistance with a request that is not regarding a payment or login issue, connect with us on Twitter, where we can respond faster (generally 1-2 business hours.) Our Twitter support hours are from 9:00AM to 4:00PM Pacific (California) Time.

What else you should know

The Creator Hub

The Creator Hub is full of resources to help you. Whether you're just getting start on Patreon, are looking to grow your membership, or want to connect with like-minded creators; the Creator Hub is your go-to place for support. 

Thank you for your patience, and for being a part of the Patreon community.

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