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If you are not currently eligible for early access to Patreon Video and searching for different hosting options for your video content, you’ve come to the right place. Patreon recommends a few other options for hosting videos on third-party platforms that you can share on Patreon:
  • Streamable - Fast uploading with simple editing and embedding. 
  • Cloudflare Stream - End-to-end storage, encoding, and streaming with a robust API for high bandwidth creators. 
  • Vimeo - Upload and securely share your videos with patrons without leaving your Patreon page. When you sign up for a Vimeo paid plan, you can upload video directly to Patreon with Vimeo’s top-notch privacy settings and provide fully protected video posts to patrons. Learn more about our Vimeo integration in this help center article.
  • Wistia - A highly customizable player with tools to engage audiences with the video and understand viewer behavior. 
  • SproutVideo - Robust privacy controls, best-in-class customer support, and no annual contracts. 
  • Vidyard - Interactive polls, custom versions of videos, and detailed reporting, priced by embeds, not bandwidth.
Please note that these are suggestions! Each of these services has its own terms of service that we recommend you review before using them. 

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