Why are my comments disappearing?

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Here at Patreon, we believe that honest and respectful communication is the key to keeping our community happy and safe. While comments are a great area for interacting with other patrons and with a creator’s content, it is also a space usually targeted for spam comments. 

While spam comments can be created by a real person, there are thousands of spam comments that are created for bots with different purposes — such as malicious links or even SEO referencing techniques. 

We always look for a human approach in all our moderation actions. However, due to the high number of spam comments — not only at Patreon but within the internet world — we have in place an internal mechanism that uses an algorithm to mark suspicious comments as spam — and remove them. This helps us keep the relevant content while also maintaining the comments section a safe space.

While we have a high level of confidence in our tool, mistakes might happen and these mistakes help us improve.

How to unmark comments as spam

This being said, if you are here because your comments are "disappearing", this might be happening because your comments are being marked as spam.

There’s no need to worry, if your comments are genuine, we’ll revert this situation for you. Please reach out to guidelines@patreon.com using your Patreon account email and let our team know that this is happening. We will review your comments and possibly un-mark them as spam for you, in case they were incorrectly labeled as such. 

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