Paying with Sofort

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Important: We are no longer accepting Sofort for new memberships. If you are already paying for a membership with Sofort, we'll continue to process your payment as expected; however, you'll need to add a new payment method to start any new memberships. 


What is this €1 validation fee charge?

This is a validation fee to ensure the account and fund are valid. This is a standard banking practice, and the €1 will be refunded shortly after it appears on your statement.

Does my creator get the money right away?

Direct debit works a little differently than credit card purchases – your bank will typically transfer the funds to us and the creator's balance within 7 business days. It can take up to 14 days in rare instances, but this is very rare.

What will the direct debit be listed as on my bank statement? 

When reviewing your statement, debited membership payments will be listed as "Patreon Membership." "PPRO Financial Limited" will be listed as the beneficiary.

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