Impact of international sanctions against Russia

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I am a creator based in Russia, what do international sanctions mean for me?

As a result of sanctions against Russia for the invasion of Ukraine, the financial institutions we have worked with to get Russia-based creators paid have been excluded from the international banking system; we are currently unable to pay out creators who are based there. If you are a creator based in Russia, please contact your payout provider for more information.

I am a patron, what is the impact of these sanctions on my membership?

We are still charging patrons of affected creators and the funds will remain secure and pending until they can be withdrawn. Because these sanctions also affect credit card payments, patrons in Russia may not be able to be charged, so creators may see a drop in payments processed as a result of failed payments.

This situation could change quickly.

This is a rapidly moving situation and we are in touch with our payment partners in the event that we can once again support local creators and their patrons. If anything changes, we will let affected creators know and implement those changes on our end as quickly as possible.

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