Navigation updates — what's changed?

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Patreon has a new look 😎 we’ve updated our navigation for creators to intuitively access insights and management tools and give patrons a seamless experience accessing their membership benefits. The new experience is now available to all creators and patrons.



Sleek and intuitive navigation for creators

Posting made easy

You can quickly post content from the landing page or by clicking the Create button on the side navigation bar.


Centralized navigation — easily access everything you need

You can find everything you need in the sidebar navigation. Relevant subsections give you quick access to tools and settings to help you manage your membership. 

Easily switch between your creator and patron profiles!

Toggle between experiencing Patreon as a creator or as a patron with the profile switcher.


Insights all in one place

See your earnings breakdown and post engagement in your Insights. You can review your membership growth over the past 30 days, 6 months, year, or all time.


A content-forward experience for patrons

Navigate through creator pages

You can access creators you support and follow from the side navigation.

Where can I find things?

Who it’s for

Where it lives





Membership dashboard (New!)


Posts dashboard


Payout history

Sales Tax info

My page


Page Editor

Membership Tier Editor

Scheduled posts

Post Drafts

My page

(click the “...” Page controls button)

Manage posts

My page or Sidenav

Create a post


Relationship manager


Exit Surveys

Blocked users


Account (e.g., platform plan, pause billing)

Team (Premium platform plan)


Email notifications

My patron profile

Use the profile switcher! 




Posts from your creators 

Find creators

Search for creators


Your patron inbox


Profile basics (e.g., name, profile image, location)

Account (e.g., Login information, shipping address)

Email notifications

Connected apps

Where is my earnings and patron count summary?

You can find your patron count and per month earnings under the Overview section of your page. You can navigate to these numbers by clicking My page from the left sidebar navigation.

You can also access your overview numbers in the Membership summary section of your Membership dashboard.

This number fluctuates depending on your patron count, adjustments to pledged amounts, declines, and cancellations. We display annual pledges as their monthly equivalent (annual pledge amount divided by 12).

Updates to Membership tier editor

We’ve made a clearer Membership tier editing experience so that you can create your first tier or manage existing tiers more easily.

What’s changed?

Membership tier editor

We’ve centralized the tier creation workflow on desktop and mobile web. Here’s how to access and create your first tier:

  1. While logged in to your creator profile, click on My Page if you aren’t already there
  2. Click the Page controls or “...” button
  3. Select the Edit Tiers link
  4. You’ll land on your Membership tiers page


Creating or editing a tier

We’ve brought the essential elements of the tier creation process to the forefront, with; the tier name, tier price, tier description, and the tier image accessed at the top of the tier editor.

To create your first tier or edit an existing tier visit your Membership tier page. From here, you can click the Add tier button or the Edit tier button on an existing tier to open the tier editor.


Ready to create your first tier? We’ve made this guide to help you through the process: How to set up your tiers and benefits


Q: I’m a per-creation creator. How do I see my earnings per post?

You can still review a breakdown of your earnings on a per-post basis with your Relationship Manager.

Here’s how to see which patrons paid for which posts and your total earnings for every post:

  1. Click on the Patrons button from the left sidebar navigation
  2. You’ll land on your Relationship Manager
  3. Click on the As of time button
  4. Your paid posts will populate in a list by post name. At a glance, each paid post includes the amount we processed and the number of patrons who paid for the post
  5. Click on a post to get a list of all patrons who paid for that particular post

Q: Where can I report feedback or problems with the New Navigation?

If you think you've encountered an issue while using the new navigation experience, you can send a report to our Support team by completing this form: Submit a support request. Our Support team will help you troubleshoot, ask you any relevant questions, and if a bug is identified, they’ll escalate it accordingly.

Here’s how to share your feedback about the new navigation experience with our Product team:

  1. Click on your page name in the bottom left of the sidebar navigation
  2. Click on the Creator Resources link
  3. You can click on the Feature Request/Feedback link
  4. Please note that this feedback form is available to any creator

When submitting product feedback via the link above, please be sure to answer the following questions:

  • What do you need?
  • Why do you need it?
  • How will it benefit you in using Patreon?
  • How do you perceive this to benefit other creators?
  • How will it benefit your patrons?
  • Why do you want this feature?

Answers to these questions help our Product team understand your feedback and consider ways to implement a possible solution.

Who can submit feature requests?

Any creator can submit feature requests or feedback. You can access the Feature Request Form when your system and browser language are set to English and accept cookies for Patreon for the pop-up to appear. It can also help to disable any pop-up blockers you have on Patreon.

Where do the requests and feedback go?

Directly to our Product team! We review the feedback coming into this form alongside all of the feedback we get from social media, support tickets, and conversations with creators to identify common themes and areas to improve. This is an important step in deciding where we should focus next.

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