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As we build more tools to help creators reach, grow, and get paid by their biggest fans, we’ll update this resource with the most recent updates to your Insights dashboards.

Membership insights

The Membership dashboard can be filtered by Free members and Paid members. From there, you can filter the time by 30 days, 6 months, the past year, and all time.


  • Timeline graph: Review active, new, and canceled members over a particular period
  • Tier changes: Analyze which tiers members are upgrading to and which tiers members are leaving
  • Membership summary: this summary includes your total member count, including free and paid members
  • Members by charge frequency: this count is specific to paid members

Shop insights

The Shop dashboard shows up for creators selling digital products with Commerce on Patreon.

Your Shop insights can be filtered by the past 30 days, past 6 months, past year, and all time. Your

Shop insights include:

  • Total Earnings: earnings from your product sales specifically
  • Total Sales: number of products sold
  • Top-selling products: a list of top-selling products with earnings from product sales


Earnings insights

Once we process a payment, we subtract any fees and refunds, with the remainder flowing into your Creator Balance — you can see how funds are distributed in your Earnings Insights.

This dashboard summarizes the flow of funds based on when the transactions occurred. The earnings tab of your insights can be filtered by all earnings, membership earnings (if you offer paid membership), and shop earnings (If you sell digital products). The earnings graph displays earnings on a monthly basis, and the detailed table below the graph shows a monthly breakdown of the total processed amount and your earnings once refunds, fees, and taxes are deducted.

Learn more in our guide on the Earnings Dashboard here


Sales tax on fees column

If you sell digital products and are viewing your shop earnings only, you won’t see a Declines column since declined Commerce sales simply won’t process. Additionally, you’ll see a new column for Sales tax on fees.

Patreon may have sales tax and VAT obligations related to the service fees it charges to its creators. This obligation usually depends on the local tax laws applicable to a creator’s jurisdiction.

With the launch of Commerce on the platform in June 2023, Patreon started collecting applicable VAT/GST/Sales taxes on services provided to creators on a tax-exclusive basis, meaning on the total transaction.

Learn more about sales tax on fees

Posts insights

Your Posts Insights give you an idea of your posts’ impressions and engagement. You’ll see your post impressions, likes, comments, and post traffic (where impressions are coming from).

Learn more in our guide on Posts Dashboard here

Creator home metrics and key actions overview

Where can I find my average earnings and paid member count? 

Under Overview on your page. You can get there by clicking My page from the left sidebar navigation. You can also access these numbers on your new Membership dashboard in the Membership summary section.

The earnings number fluctuates depending on your paid member count, adjustments to pledged amounts, declines, and cancellations. We display annual pledges as their monthly equivalent (annual pledge amount divided by 12).

You can learn more about how we calculate these numbers in this help center article: Understand the numbers listed on my creator page

Taxes navigation item

While there isn’t a dedicated taxes page, you can still access your sales and income tax data by navigating to Payouts > Documents

You can download any 1099-K forms you may be eligible for and download your sales tax information as a CSV. 

Refunds navigation item

You can access your Refunds, Payout, Earnings, and Paid Member transaction history by navigating to Payouts > Documents. You can download a CSV file of each history for your records.

I’m a per creation creator — how do I see my per post earnings?

Here’s how to see which members paid for a specific time period:

  1. Click on the Audience button from the left sidebar navigation
  2. You’ll land on your Relationship Manager
  3. Click on the Filters button and then set the Last charge date filter
  4. You'll get a list of paid members who have their last charge date that falls between any two dates, (e.g., “show me the list of members who paid between 9/1/2022 and 9/30/2022, so I can send them their benefits”

You can use any two dates, so you can see earnings and members who paid for posts based on when you published them. 

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