Cancelling my membership

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How to cancel on desktop

  1. Click the Settings link from the left sidebar navigation
  2. Click on the Active memberships link from the menubar
  3. Click the Edit link for the membership you'd like to cancel
  4. Then click the Edit or Cancel Payment button directly under the update button
  5. Select the option to Cancel your membership and click the button to confirm

How to cancel on the Patreon app

  1. Tap your profile icon in the top left corner
  2. You may need to switch to your patron profile
  3. Tap on My memberships
  4. Locate the creator and tap the pencil icon
  5. Scroll down to tap Edit or Cancel payment directly below the update button
  6. Select Cancel your membership
  7. Tap the Cancel your membership button to confirm

How to cancel on mobile web

  1. While logged in to your account, switch to your patron profile or visit
  2. Tap on the ☰ menu in the upper left corner
  3. Select Settings from the menu
  4. Tap on the Active memberships link from the menubar
  5. Select the Edit link for the membership you want to cancel
  6. Tap the Edit or Cancel Payment link
  7. Choose the option to Cancel your membership and tap the button to confirm

Frequently asked questions about canceling

What happens when I cancel? 

For the most part, when you cancel, your membership will not renew for the upcoming billing date. This date depends on your creator's billing schedule and other factors. If you cancel a per creation membership, you may have a final charge for pending bills. We will retry processing if you have a declined payment for a monthly (non-charge upfront). 

We've made a help guide for everything you need to know about — what happens when you cancel.

My account says I don't have any memberships. What should I do?

There are a few reasons that you might not see a creator on your Active memberships page: 

  • You may have canceled already: in most cases, we'll remove a creator from your Active memberships when you cancel. Please refer to your Billing history for past payments
  • The creator may have removed your membership: creators can cancel your membership on your behalf at any time. 
  • You may have another account: If you don't have any Billing history with a creator and they aren't on your Active memberships page, then you may have more than one account. You can enter possible emails on our password reset page. If you get a reset email to another email, then log in with those credentials to cancel

I already canceled, but I'm still getting charged. What should I do?

If you've canceled and continue receiving charges, you may have another account. You can visit the password reset page and enter possible emails. If you get a reset email to another email, then you can log in with those credentials to cancel

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