Beta testing and early access program eligibility

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We are constantly experimenting with product features to improve Patreon. This may take the form of beta testing or early access to new features and iterations of existing features. We may use a different set of criteria to determine who is eligible to participate in testing and early access for each product or feature. As explained in Patreon’s Terms of Use, access to beta testing and early access is not guaranteed, and Patreon may enable and disable these beta, test, or early access features at our discretion.

Adding a free option (early access)

All creators can visit to let fans join without a paid membership, whether they have a Patreon account or not. You may be eligible for early access to adding a free option if your account meets, or will meet, the following criteria:

  • Your Patreon page is in the All Audiences category
  • Your account is and remains in good standing

Patreon Video early access

These criteria are used to determine the set of Patreon creators who may be eligible for early access to Patreon Video. These eligibility criteria are subject to change at any time at Patreon’s discretion.

Patreon Video early access eligibility criteria

  • Creators who have launched their page on Patreon: only launched creators may become eligible for the Patreon Video early access program
  • Creators on Pro or Premium platform plans: only creators on our Pro and Premium plans may become eligible for early access to Patreon Video. Creators on our Founders and Lite plans can move to Pro or Premium to become eligible for the early access program. You can check your plan and early access eligibility in your Creator Account Settings
  • Creators who make content for all audiences: Patreon Video is not currently available to creators who make 18+ content, however, we hope to expand eligibility to more creators in the future. All creators can continue to link or embed videos from other platforms
  • Creators whose accounts are in good standing: your account must be free from flags for potentially fraudulent behavior and must comply with Patreon’s Terms and Community Guidelines
  • Patreon video is now included at no additional cost for eligible creators on Pro and Premium plans through 2023

    • During the early access period, we want to give creators time to try Patreon Video to see how integrated video can add value to their membership.
    • That’s why we’re giving all eligible creators on Pro and Premium plans 500 hours of uploaded videos through the end of 2023.
    • After 2023, we plan to introduce new pricing for Patreon Video that takes into account the cost of hosting and streaming video natively.
    • When we do roll out new pricing, all early access creators will have an additional 6 months to use their 500 hours. And the videos you upload during the early access period will not expire. You won’t lose access to them, and your patrons will still be able to stream these videos, even after the end of 2023. You’ll also have the option to link or embed videos from other platforms.

    Note: As a thank you for testing with us, we are giving creators who joined the Patreon Video beta 500 additional hours on top of anything used previously before November 3, 2022. You can track your total video usage in your Creator Account Settings

  • Content Guidelines

    • Your video content needs to be appropriate for all ages
    • Like all content, videos need to follow our Community Guidelines. To keep Patreon safe for everyone, we may need to take down videos that don’t follow guidelines or remove your early access

    Volume Guidelines

    • We may also review your account if we notice suspicious activity, like if there is a higher-than-typical number of hours uploaded within a month

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