I’m not getting emails from Patreon

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If you are not receiving emails from Patreon, here are the actions we suggest you take to make sure that our emails reach you: 

Check your Spam, Junk, Promotions and Social folders

It’s possible that our emails are being organised into less-used inbox sections. 

If you find Patreon emails in your Junk folder, you can unmark those emails as Junk, which will make sure that future emails of that type appear in your inbox. 

Here’s how to unmark Junk in Gmail and how to manage your Junk lists in Yahoo.

Add Patreon emails to your inbox contact list

Adding the following addresses to your contact list will help make sure that our emails never get lost:

  • no-reply@patreon.com (device verification, payment and other automated emails)
  • password@patreon.com (password reset emails)
  • bingo@patreon.com (creator post emails)
  • message@patreon.com (private message notifications from your creators)
  • guidelines@patreon.com (trust and safety communication)

Here are Google’s instructions for adding a new contact for Gmail and Yahoo’s instructions for managing your email contacts

Using a private domain? Check with your service provider

Your provider may have additional anti-spam tools running that are preventing you from getting messages from us. If so, ask them to add the above addresses to your safe list. 

If our emails still aren’t reaching your inbox, you can click the button below to email Patreon Support. Our Support team will investigate further and help resolve this.

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