How do I change my email address?

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You can only change your email address to one that isn’t already in use with an existing Patreon account. The change will not stick if you attempt to switch to one that already exists.

Follow the directions below to update your Patreon account email address:

  1. While logged in, make sure you are on your patron profile. (If you are both a patron and a creator, you can switch between profiles using the Profile switcher at the bottom left corner of the page)
  2. Click on the Settings button from the left navigation menu, which will take you to the Basics page
  3. Enter your new email address and scroll down to click the Save Changes button
  4. We’ll send a confirmation email to the new email address you updated to. Please confirm with the emailed link to complete your change request 
  5. Once you’ve confirmed the change, your email has been successfully changed! 

You can log in with the updated email address. Additionally, all email notifications from us will be sent to your updated email address. If you do not confirm the email change, the change won’t go through. Your previous email address will still be listed on your account and should be used for login. 

Note: If you can’t log in to your Patreon account or the email account we have on file, please use the button below to contact our support team for assistance.

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