Why is my payout less than I expected?

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This article will cover possible reasons why the amount you earned is less than you anticipated or why the amount you withdrew is more or less than what you earned.

Fees may be missing from your estimation

There are a few different fees that are deducted from successful payments we process. You can find a breakdown of fees from your overall monthly earnings in your Earnings Insights. You can download a CSV of a per transaction fee breakdown by visiting the Documents tab of your payouts page. Below are the fees that you can expect to see when we process your payments:

  • Platform fee: The platform fee covers the use of Patreon and our products. Your platform fee is a percentage of successfully processed sales. We calculate your platform fee based on the payment amount
  • Payment-processing fees: This is the cost of processing members’ payments and customers’ purchases through your Shop
    • Membership payment-processing fees: Your membership payment processing rate depends on your platform plan, any applicable currency conversion fees and applicable sales tax or VAT
    • Commerce payment-processing fees: Processing rates on product sales through Commerce depend on the customer’s currency. Visit our Commerce processing fees guide to learn more
  • App Store fee: This is charged by Apple for processing product purchases made on the Patreon iOS app through their in-app payment system. Apple takes 30% of the iOS sale price for products purchased by fans on the iOS app. Patreon does not charge a payment-processing fee on iOS transactions. Learn more about how iOS in-app purchases work and your options for pricing iOS products.
  • Currency conversion fee: We apply a currency conversion fee of 2.5% on the total amount processed (including sales tax) on all patron payments made in a currency other than your payout currency
  • Taxes on fees: Sales tax and VAT obligations related to the service fees it charges to its creators. This obligation usually depends on the local tax laws applicable to a creator’s jurisdiction. Learn more about taxes on fees
  • Sales tax/VAT: Patreon is required by law to add sales tax/VAT to some member payments this amount is added on top of your tier or digital item price, so it does not impact your estimated earnings
  • Payout fee: Patreon deducts a payout transaction fee when your balance is transferred from your Patreon creator balance

Pending balance

Funds from products purchased through Commerce on Web and Android will appear as pending for up to 7 days before they can be withdrawn from your balance. Funds from product sales made via iOS in-app purchases will remain pending for up to 75 days before they will be available for payout, accounting for the time Apple requires to process and confirm the funds.

If a member uses SoFi direct deposit to pay you, the transaction may appear as pending for up to 7 days until the funds are successfully debited to your account.

Declined membership payments

Another cause is if some of your members’ payments declined. These are payments that Patreon attempted to process, but failed. In your Relationship manager, you can check if any member’s payments were declined. Visit our declined payments resource to learn more about failed payments

Your Merch cost has been deducted from your balance

If you use Patreon for Merch fulfilment, the cost of the merchandise itself (based on the quantity and SKUs of the associated items) and shipping will usually be deducted from your balance on the 4th of each month. This may impact your balance if you are enrolled in automatic 5th-of-the-month payouts, so you may see a decrease in the amount you receive from the amount that was available to withdraw

You may have memberships with other creators

If you have a paid membership to other creators, we’ll subtract your pledge from your creator payout. This prevents unnecessary additional fees, and your card or PayPal account will be billed less or not at all.

Also, the number listed on your public page is an estimate and is not an accurate representation of what you may actually earn. You can learn more about this here: Understand the numbers listed on my creator page

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