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We have community guidelines to ensure that Patreon remains a respectful environment for a diverse range of creators and their communities. As we take this very seriously, we ask that you read this whole article before taking action.

Keeping Patreon’s community safe is important to us, so we hope you report any content that is in violation of our community guidelines.

To access the reporting tool, you will need to be logged in to your Patreon account and go to the creator’s page. From there, you have two options:

  • From the creator’s page, scroll down and click the more button(“...” 3 dots), then click on Report this creator. If you have an active membership with this creator, you’ll find the more button (“...” 3 dots) on the right-hand side of the creator page instead
  • You can also find the reporting tool on any post that you have access to by clicking directly on the “...” button for that post and clicking on Report this content

If prompted in the report, please collect and send us evidence that supports your claims. This evidence can be things like screenshots, links and videos with timestamps. The Trust and Safety team takes every report seriously and providing documentation and timestamps will allow them to reach a quicker resolution for the content in question.  

Please note that evidence needs to be linked directly to the person you are reporting. For example, we cannot remove a creator based solely on the actions of their patrons unless they are directly inciting that behaviour.

We want you to know that Trust and Safety might not directly share the result of their investigation or any follow-up actions that they might consider taking as a result of your report, but we strongly believe that these reports are the best way to create a safe community.

Lastly, we understand that occasionally, you may come across content on Patreon that you don’t like or that you disagree with, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the user is violating our guidelines and should be reported. For example, if you are unhappy with the quality of what a creator has produced or the direction their new work is taking, please contact them to discuss the issue via messages.  

That said, Patreon’s Trust and Safety team will always be happy to review content that raises concerns or goes against our guidelines.

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