Can nonprofit organisations use Patreon?

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Yes! At Patreon, we welcome nonprofit organisations to create a page on Patreon.

Are my Patreon earnings considered taxable income?

If you are a legally recognised nonprofit company – for example, a USA 501(C)(3) charity – then you might not need to pay taxes on your Patreon income.

After launching your creator page, you can complete a tax form from your Creator Payout and Taxes page. Entities are nonprofit or otherwise exempted under certain codes so please be sure to consult with your accountant.

You will also need to provide your Tax EIN on your Patreon page for your patrons when they file their taxes and indicate what/who they donated to. We do not provide this information.

Outside of the US?

If you are a nonprofit outside of the US, we have a W-8BEN form required for all non-US creators. This form must be submitted before you can receive payouts. Learn about the IRS instructions on how to complete this form (regardless of non-profit status), here: Instructions for Form W-8BEN

Please visit this help centre article for more details on payout options: Payout fee information

We also have a few resources that may be helpful for your patrons and yourself linked below:

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