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Don’t worry – launching your creator page doesn’t mean goodbye forever! You can relaunch your page at any point you’d like.

If you decided to take a break from being a creator, and are ready to republish your creator page, here’s how you can start earning on Patreon again:

  1. Log in to your Patreon account and click on the Account menu button (your profile image) at the bottom of your left sidebar navigation
  2. Then click on your creator profile to go to the creator home page
  3. Go to your creator page editor by clicking on the Page controls or "..." button, then click on the Edit page link, where you can make any adjustments you need to before you republish your page
  4. Click into the Preview tab to preview how your page will publicly appear
  5. If you’re ready, click the ​​Publish page button
  6. You’ve just relaunched your creator page and you’re ready to start promoting and start earning

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