How to poll your fans

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Whether you need feedback on works in progress, are testing out new benefit ideas or want fans to help you narrow down a decision, polls help build community engagement on your page.

How to create a poll post

  1. While logged in to your creator account, click on the Create button from the left sidebar navigation or from your creator page
    • If you’re not seeing the create button, you may be viewing your member profile. To switch to your creator profile, click on your profile name in the bottom left corner click on your creator profile go back to step 1
  2. Click on the Post option
  3. Select the Polls button to start your poll post
  4. Title your poll and let your know what you want their opinion on
  5. Click into the Poll option text box to add your first option – add a minimum of 2 options so that your members have something to vote on
  6. You can add more options by clicking Add an option button. With a limit of 20 poll options per post, you can give members a wide variety of things to choose from
  7. Click into the Poll settings to set an end date and time for your poll, and indicate whether or not you want to limit responses to one per member. If you don’t set a limit of one answer, members can select as many poll options as they’d like
  8. Finish crafting your post by adding a post title and description, adding tags and setting post access. Making the post accessible to Everyone will make it so that anyone in the world can see your post
  9. You can add your post to a collection to help members find more of what they’re looking for. You can think of collections as your own library where you can get to organise your work however you want. Learn more about creating a collection
  10. You can Publish now or use the drop-down button to Schedule a later publishing date. If you aren’t ready to go live, you can simply exit the post creator, and we’ll auto-save your draft for you

You can remove additional poll options by clicking the “X” next to that option.

Checking your poll results

As members vote on your poll, you’ll find a vote count on the right side of that poll option. We’ll highlight the winning option as the votes come in.

Click on the Download results button for a CSV list of who voted on which poll option(s). If you allowed members more than one response (vote), then you’ll find a “1” for each answer they chose and a “0” for options they did not choose.


  • If you’d like to offer more than 20 poll options for your members, we recommend sending them a link to a third-party survey form. Creators have had success with Google forms and Typeform.

  • Currently, the early access feature can only be set to release publicly after the early access time has passed.

  • Yes. Members who have access to your poll will also be able to find the poll count as you do. They cannot find the option to download results; only you, as the creator, can check who voted for what.

  • When you download the results of your poll, you’ll find the following:

    • Members’ profile names
    • Members’ email addresses (Note that, for public polls, non-member email addresses will remain hidden)
    • The date and time they selected the response
    • 1 = a vote, and 2 = not a vote
  • Here are some examples of how creators have used poll posts in the past:

    • What I should draw next
    • Choose my next character (cosplay)
    • What should I vlog about next?
    • What song should I cover next?
    • Help me make a playlist!
    • Which benefit would you rather receive?
    • Pick your t-shirt size! (Note that your downloaded results will not include shipping addresses, for this, you can utilise a combination of a poll post and your Relationship Manager.)

    – get creative! Members love engaging with your work and feeling heard.

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