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Team accounts is a feature available to creators in the Premium Plan to help them manage their business with the support of their team.

In this article, we’ll go over:

Who is a teammate?

Running a creative business often means multiple people are helping to get things done on Patreon. For example, maybe one teammate manages benefits and another is primarily in charge of posting content.

Rather than sharing a login for one creator page, a team account allows teammates to manage their responsibilities within their individual accounts.

Team leads have sole access to financial and income-related actions. Because of this, teammates are best assigned to individuals who manage patron interactions (posting, messaging, and responding to comments), or revamping the creator page (editing tiers and benefits, creating a special offer, or managing the benefit tracker).

What if a teammate used to be a creator?
Teammates cannot have a current or previous creator page(i.e.unlaunched creator pages or previously reverted back to patron-only accounts). You will need to create a brand new account if this is the case and accept the invitation again.

Teammate permissions

Teammates will not have access to any financial data, or actions. Only the team lead can access the Payout settings and Earnings dashboard. They also do not have permission to block or unblock patrons, manage the creator’s Account Settings, or add/remove teammates.

Note: Teammates cannot become a patron to the creator account they help manage.

Teammates can manage the following:

Creator page
Patron interaction
  • Tiers & Benefits
  • Special offers
  • Benefit tracker
  • Apps on tiers & Social Connect
  • Messages
  • Posting
  • Commenting
  • Liking

Posting as a teammate

When teammates post on the creator page, they will be posting as the creator. In other words, patrons and everyone accessing the creator page will find those posts as from the creator, not the teammate.

Interested in learning more about posting? Visit our guide for tips & tricks about posting


Teammates will have access to two settings pages: their personal Profile settings, and a limited version of the Creator’s settings.

All teammate’s personal settings live on the right-hand side and the Creator settings live on the left-hand side. To access the Creator settings, select the settings link on the left-hand side.

From the Creator Page Settings menubar, teammates will have access to the creator’s App Integrations
Teammates will also have access to the creator’s Email Notifications. A message reading “These are the settings for the creator account” will indicate that the teammate is in the creator’s settings.

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