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When creating an account, fans and patrons can use a feature called Sign in with Apple on Patreon. 

What this means for new patrons who use Sign in with Apple

Your fans who are new to Patreon will have the option of setting up an account and signing in with their Apple ID. If a new patron signs up using this feature, they have the option to “hide” their email. This means Apple will anonymize the “email” field and their email in the Patron Relationship Manager will appear as follows: 

What this means for creators

Post email notifications and other transactional emails (like receipts) will still reach the patron via Apple’s forwarding service, however, if you email the patron directly using the above email, it will not reach the patron’s inbox. 

If you manage patron memberships through your Relationship Manager to deliver benefits or communicate via email, any patrons who’ve opted to “hide” their email will not be able to be contacted. 

Suggested workaround: You can still direct message the patron through the Relationship Manager and the patron will find your message when they log in to Patreon. In cases where you’re using the patron’s email address for communication like sending newsletters, delivering benefits, etc, you can direct message them via PRM to get alternate contact information. 

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