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This article includes steps to help you troubleshoot potential problems with your private RSS feed from a creator on Patreon. Remember, you’ll only receive a private RSS feed if a creator you support offers this feature through Patreon.

Resolving audio issues on the Patreon app

If you’re experiencing issues listening to audio within the Patreon app, try the following steps:

  1. Restart your device:
    • Power off and then restart your device
  2. Log out and log in:
    • Log out of your account on the Patreon app
    • Log back into the Patreon app
  3. Reinstall the Patreon app:
  4. Check for software updates:
    • Ensure your device has the latest software updates installed
  5. Improve connectivity:
    • If you're in an area with low reception, try connecting to Wi-Fi to see if it improves the performance

Resolving issues with your RSS link

Since the RSS link relies on third-party apps, you may encounter issues while trying to listen to your podcast. Try the following steps:

  1. Update your podcast app:
    • Uninstall and reinstall your podcast app
  2. Resubscribe to the RSS feed:
    • Unsubscribe and then resubscribe using the custom RSS link found in the My Membership tab of the creator’s Patreon
  3. Refresh the feed:
    • Refresh the feed on your podcast app. Many apps use the pull-down feature or provide a refresh button
  4. Correct the RSS link:
    • If you receive an error message like “URL/server cannot be found,” the RSS link may have been mistyped or miscopied. Try copying and pasting the RSS link again
  5. Find your RSS link:
    • Your RSS link is in the My Membership tab on the creator’s Patreon on desktop, mobile web and the app
  6. Troubleshoot missing RSS links:
    • If there is no RSS link under My Membership, try refreshing the page, clearing your cache or using an incognito browser

Additional troubleshooting scenarios

  1. Incompatible podcast apps:
    • Some podcast apps may not support private RSS feeds. Try using a different podcast app or RSS feed reader
  2. Invalid RSS feed format:
    • If your podcast app reports an invalid feed format, ensure the RSS link is correctly formatted. Additional characters or spaces can sometimes cause issues
  3. Episode playback issues:
    • If episodes are not playing correctly, check if the issue is specific to one episode or all episodes. If it’s just one episode, there may be a problem with the file itself. Contact the creator for assistance
  4. Outdated RSS link:
    • The RSS link may occasionally need to be refreshed. If you suspect this is the issue, unsubscribe and resubscribe to the RSS feed using the most recent link provided
  5. Patreon account issues:
    • Ensure your Patreon account is active and in good standing. Issues with your membership status can sometimes affect your access to the RSS feed
  6. Third-party app permissions:
    • Ensure that the third-party podcast app has the necessary permissions to access data on your device. Check the app settings and permissions

When to contact Support

If these troubleshooting steps don’t resolve the issue, we recommend trying a different podcast app or RSS feed reader to subscribe. If problems persist, submit a request with Patreon Support, as there may be an underlying issue that our team can troubleshoot.

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