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Team accounts is a feature available to creators in the Premium plan to help them manage their business with the support of their team.

Each teammate will have their own account login, while the team lead will have sole access to financial data and permission settings for teammates.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  1. Who is the Team Lead?
  2. Viewing and managing financial information
  3. Settings and account access

Who is the Team Lead?

The Team Lead is the main owner of the account. They’re in charge of creating and launching the creator page, so the account information used when signing up belongs to the team lead. 

Team leads can also add and remove teammates. As a team lead you can find, and manage who your teammates are from the Team tab in your creator settings.

Note: The role of Team Lead cannot be transferred from one account to another. While the login credentials tied to the team lead account can be changed, the team lead will always be associated with the account that signed up to Patreon. There can only be one team lead per account.

Viewing and Managing financial Information

The Income section of an account will only be accessible to the Team Lead. This includes your payout and taxes and your Earnings page.

Only the Team Lead can access the Income section; including the Payouts and Earnings pages.

This means only Team Leads will be able to payout the creator balance and add or change payout information. Team Leads are also the only members who can grant refunds to patrons.

Settings and account access

Team leads have sole access to the Account tab in Creator settings. This means team leads are the only teammates capable of changing the creator plan or un-launching the creator page. 

Here is a complete list of access that team leads have on Patreon:

Payouts Earnings Settings and others
  • Payouts Withdraw and Documents tabs
  • Payments tab in the campaign editor
  • Payout and taxes
  • Refund button on PRM
  • Earnings
  • Pledge growth
  • Patronage
  • CSV button on PRM
  • Earnings notifications/emails
  • Account tab on creator settings 
  • See blocked users
  • Add/remove teammates

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