How can I optimize my page for SEO?

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SEO is an important channel for increasing the organic visibility of your Patreon page. A high SEO ranking is how fans find you through Google and other search engines. Above all, search engines prioritize a few key factors, including:

  • Relevance: does your page provide the content that people are looking for? That is, does it have the keywords people search for?
  • Readability: is your content structured clearly (no excess of run-on sentences)? Is it formatted clearly (with headers, subheads, and body copy)?
  • Authority: is your content reliable, valuable, and shareable? Does it link form and to credible sites?

With these factors in mind, there are a few simple ways to start improving the SEO of your creator page:

Create a consistent page name and URL

Your page name is how fans and eventual patrons will most easily find you on Patreon. We recommend using the name your followers already know you by around the web, whether it’s your actual name or the name of your creative group, like a band or channel, for example.

The length and simplicity of your URL also impacts SEO, which is why you also have the option to choose a vanity link for your page ( For consistency and relevance, we recommend using your page name.

Write a relevant, compelling tagline

Your page tagline gives your audience a concise view of what your membership is about. Aside from your page name, it’s the other piece of information that shows up in the title of Google search results. Phrases like “Digital paintings and tutorials,” or “Genuine BTS reaction videos,” which capture common search keywords — yet are descriptive — help improve your page visibility.

Link from and to other reputable sites

Search engines want to surface content that’s reliable, valuable, and shareable. By linking to your Patreon page on other social profiles, websites, or press coverage, you’re establishing its credibility. You don’t necessarily need a mainstream media publication for a reputable link, either. You can do so simply by collaborating with other creators by co-creating or co-promoting content — even just linking to each others’ pages!

Relevant content

Adding more relevant content to your site creates more opportunities to show up in search results. It also gives your audience even more reason to love your work, share with their friends, and support you on Patreon.

Identify what makes you and your creations truly unique and include relevant keywords in your content (try your About page) and HTML tags. Whether it’s “alien webcomic with psychic female characters” or “funk covers of rock classics.” Be specific! You can bet the person searching for those hyper-descriptive keywords who finds your work might become one of your biggest fans.

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